5 Tricks That Will Improve Your Time Management


Time is a precious thing that no one wants to run out of. We all have things that we should be doing or would rather be doing. No matter what you choose to do with your time make sure it counts. Our time is short and we should be using it wisely that’s where time management comes in to save the day.

Time management is so important in life because in a way time is our greatest asset. It is the one thing that once it is spent we can never get back. We can sell it, leverage it or even waste it but we can’t buy or earn more. Make sure you value your time wisely and use it for what you want to use spend it on.

We know that time is important to you so we put together 5 ways to improve your time management.

1.) Be Positive About Your Time Management Skills

Time management is a skill that you have to build on. Being positive will help you think about how great life will be once you have mastered this new skill. Positive affirmation is a great way to train your brain to do more with less. If you tell yourself you are doing a good job enough eventually you will do more than a good job.

When you have mastered time management you will have plenty of time to relax and do the things you enjoy. You will be able to look back at all that you have accomplished and think “It’s amazing how much I can do!” Always look back at what you have learned and think positively about the experience.

2.) Create a Way to Visualize Your Time

Humans love to look at things. Our world is built around being able to see the things around us. Time on the other hand isn’t made for us to see. It can be hard to visualize what exactly time is or how we should be using it. Creating a way to visualize what our day looks like can make it easier to understand what needs to be done when.

There area few ways to visualize your day and you will have to find what works best for you. There are time management apps, calendars or even something simple like a spreadsheet that can help you see what you should be doing when.

I personally like using spreadsheets because I’m able to map out my days by the hour. I know which hours are for work, sleep, and personal. All these categories are color coded to make it easy. As you get more experience you can break down your map into smaller segments.

3.) Maximize Your Day with Priority Lists

A to do list is a great way to make a list of things that you don’t want to do. A priority list is a good way to make a list of things that have to be done.

Creating a priority list isn’t about adding everything to a list that you should be doing on any given day. A priority list is about finding the things that are most beneficial to your day and putting them at the top. Start from the top of your list and work your way down. Make sure to finish something you have started before moving to the next part of your list. These lists are not set in stone and should be updated as new priorities pop up.

Don’t make the list too long. The list should only be 3 to 5 tasks long. If you pass this limit move the least important task onto a to do list. Later on you can use this to do list as a reference for new priorities.

Remember that these priorities make the most of your time and will leave you the most satisfied when completed.

4.) Create Good Habits

Habits can be a hard thing to form it takes time and thought to do stuff regularly. Once a habit is formed it will be the easiest thing you can do. Do you ever think about brushing your teeth, driving a car or writing? No that’s because you have created a habit and now it is easy to do.

There are many views of how long it takes to create a habit. In my opinion you shouldn’t think about how much time it will take to create the habit. You want to do that task regularly so get out and do it. Once the habit is formed you can think about how much time you are saving by not thinking about the task all the time(don’t think like this too much or you’ll be back to square one)

5.) Find a Way to Make a Game That You Can Win

Have you ever won a game and still hated it? I can’t think of a time I have. When you find a way to make a game out of time management that you will win in the long run you will be more inclined to keep going. Don’t make the game too easy but make it something that you feel accomplished for winning.

One example of winning at your own game would be to cut small increments of time off of how long you do something. If it takes you 15 minutes to make lunch before going to work do it in 14. Win you are able to consistently make lunch in 14 minutes drop it down to 13. Keep improving and keep winning. You’ll be amazed how fast you can do something when you’re racing against your most challenging rival.

Time management isn’t something that you can be the best at from day one. It takes time to manage your time. If you learn what you can do better you will always improve. Those small improvements will allow you to spend more and more of your time on the things you enjoy. Don’t forget why you are working so hard on making your life better. Improving your life is the whole reason you’re here. Check out my post about the  pursuit of excellence which will help you find the reason why you need to focus on time management. 

Reading Your Way to Success


What Makes Reading so Important

Have you ever wondered what makes some people more successful than others? In most cases it’s the amount of time someone spends reading. Reading gives you a chance to look into the mind of someone that came before you or has more experience. Another common trend with people that read often is the formation of a keystone habit. Keystone habits are habits that are so influential on your life that creating one will change how you view the world. It can take many hours of work to create the habit of reading but the trade off is more happiness and success. Let’s take a look at ways to create a new habit.

How to Get Started

Getting started is always the hardest part of any task. When it comes to reading it can be even more difficult. I find this stems from being forced to read books we’re not interested in for a significant portion of our lives (think back to school).

  1. The first step to getting started will be experimenting and finding out what kind of books you are interested in reading. If you can’t decide take a look at best sellers on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Narrow it down to a few books and pick the one that you think will be the most entertaining.
  2. The second step is to read small portions every day. The best way to do this is find a time that you can consistently read or 15 to 30 minutes every day. Many people like to read right at the end of the work day. Another great choice is reading before bed. Reading before bed can be a great choice because it gets you away from electronics and calm you down.
  3. The third step will be to set goals and monitor your progress. At first it may be hard to stay consistent but make sure you have goals that push hard enough that you have to try but, not so hard that you give up. As you achieve your goals right down what you’ve accomplished even if it’s as simple as reading 1 chapter. No achievement is too small when creating new habits.

Once you have started to take the small steps you need to create your new habit you will realize that you want to keep learning more. As this desire for new resources grows you will need to start exploring what reading options are out there waiting for you.

Explore Your Reading Resources

Sometimes reading a book isn’t the best option. They can be difficult to transport and can be hard to read without the right lighting. Don’t let that get you done, there are greener pastures. Technology has advanced to the point where no matter where or what you’re doing you have access to reading or books of some form. Just to name a few we have eBooks, magazines, forum posts, blog posts, and to really get into left field audio books. Every reading resource you can find is worthwhile to look into. Sometimes you have to experiment to find out what is best for you. Speaking of what’s best for you the only way to know is to track your progress.

Tracking Your Progress

Statistics may be a boring topic but it’s the only way to optimization. When you take the time to look back at what you have accomplished you will see the progress and be excited by it. There are many way to track your progress when you read.

  • Log all the books you’ve read – Logging all of your books lets you see trends in what you enjoy reading, how quickly you read, and lets you go back to reread in the future.
  • Make Notes – It can be difficult to remember what you have read. Making notes allows you to refresh your memory without having to start from scratch. You can use note cards, notebooks, or even the book itself to take notes. Don’t forget you can highlight books too just make sure they are yours and not borrowed.
  • Quiz Yourself – We all know taking tests and quizzes can be boring or even stressful. Quizzing yourself on a book can be as simple as asking yourself what just happened or as complicated as creating a test. A test could be flashcards, multiple choice, true or false, or maybe even a quick essay.

Remember that reading can be difficult. Track what you have done to show yourself that you can make the most difficult challenge look easy.

Share Your Experiences

Now that you’ve taken your first step towards creating a keystone habit. It’s time to get your friends and family involved. Reading doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. Tell people about what you are reading and what you would like to read in the future. Get others excited about the same things you are excited about. If you can’t convince your friends and family seek out peers that are like minded. There are book clubs and mastermind groups around the world. These groups are there to help each other. They will be there to help you.

Just remember you are forming this habit for you, don’t let others bring you down. Everytime you read it should be something you want to read. Reading will change your life. Make sure you enjoy it and follow through with creating your new keystone habit. As a first step towards sharing your experiences share this post on your favorite social media.  If you really want to get involved sign up for our newsletter and updates.