Recommended Books

Reading is an important part of self education. There are 2 things that I think set someone up for a successful life. Continued education and a strong understanding of personal finance. The books listed below are some of the books that have helped me develop myself and I believe they are a great starting point for anyone on a pursuit of excellence.

I don’t take my book recommendations lightly. At the current time I plan to list 12 books at a time. As I find new books they may get swapped out. If I find too many books to recommend I may investigate a more efficient way post them. These books are just a small part of my collection. To see more of it check out my Instagram page!

Don’t forget to check back frequently for new updates!

A great alternative to reading books is listening to them. Audible is one of the most used apps on my phone. It gives me the opportunity to learn more from books while I’m doing tasks that don’t need my full attention. One of my favorite places to listen to books is at the gym!

Audible is currently offering 2 free books with a trial sign up. If you see any books below that you may be interested in, I highly recommend listening to them on Audible. You may find a new favorite way to educate yourself with books!