A success driven individual looking to help others achieve their goals in their pursuit of excellence.

My name is Austin. My childhood life was not ideal. Growing up, many of the people who should have been my role models and caretakers, chose drugs and alcohol over my sisters and I. Mental and physical abuse always followed the substance abuse. The police were called regularly and occasionally someone would be sent off to jail. But there was always one man who I looked up to, who would save me from my family. He taught me what a normal life was, and how to strive for a better life. By definition, he was not my father, but he took care of me like he was. That man left the world too early, but it is because of his influence that I have changed my life around for the better. The success I have created for myself has inspired me to help others.

My goal in life is to help others find their own “pursuit of excellence”. I believe that anyone has the ability to become successful but not everyone has been given the opportunity. To me success comes from the idea that a dream is always attainable as long as you have hope. People should always be looking for the opportunity to reach their dreams and feel successful in their own way.

An opportunity is all you need to find your own path on a pursuit of excellence. The first step is always the hardest. I have found that there are five core categories of success that lead to many others. Success can mean many things to many people. The way I want to succeed doesn’t have to be the way you want to succeed. Though my pursuit of excellence may be different than yours I would like to help you take the first step.