Daily Journals are the Key to Your Success!

Using Daily Journals to Improve Your Life

Daily journaling is something that everyone should do. It is an easy task that can be done any time of day and it can really make a difference in your life. It’s sad but with all of the technology we have at our disposal people forget that expressing yourself privately can positively affect your life.

The simple act of writing down your thoughts daily can help keep you on track. You may be wondering how to journal and keep it interesting. Before we jump into tips about keeping a journal let’s talk about what makes it so important.

Why Journaling is Important

When I sat down and thought of what made journaling so important, I was able to come up with three reasons that I thought were most beneficial. These may not be the only reasons that people think journaling is important but they are a good place to start.

Solidify Ideas

It’s easy to come up with ideas but most of the time you forget them. If you take the time to write out your ideas it solidifies them in your mind. Not only that but you have a written copy of what you were thinking. This gives you the chance to explore your ideas more easily. It also gives you a chance to share those ideas with others.

Written Proof for Yourself

Depending on how you write your journal you can use the entries as proof that you accomplished something. It is a great feeling when you have a list of things to do and you can check things off. If you use your journaling to set goals for yourself you can keep track of your progress in your journal.

Making a Plan

Stop Thinking Start DoingJournals are a great place to write out your hopes and dreams. They are also a great place to turn those hopes and dreams into a plan. A dream with action becomes a plan. If you journal everyday then you will be able to make small goals for yourself everyday that will eventually lead up to the dreams you originally had. Your journal is a place to see yourself grow as a person.

These three reasons to journal are far from a complete list. You may sit down and think of ten, twenty, or even one-hundred reasons why you should journal. Each reason you come up with is just more proof that you should start today. Now you may be wondering what kinds of daily journals you can create for yourself.

What Kinds of Daily Journals Exist?

This is a very broad question to ask. There are in reality an unlimited number of journal types that you could write. The best kind of journal is going to fit into your daily life, your goals for yourself, and the writing skills that you have. Here are six journal ideas to get you started on your journey to journal everyday.

Daily Planner

A daily planner is one of the simplest types of journaling you can do. In a daily planner you will write out the things you need to get done on a certain day. The most efficient way to do a day planner is to schedule out your days either the night before or pick one day a week to write out your plans.

Dreams Journal

Dream journals are actually about the dreams you had the night before. This is an important journal because your dreams are a window into your subconscious mind. If you keep track of your dreams you can find patterns. These patterns can range from being over stressed, lack of sleep, disappointed with your job, or you could be excited about a special occasion coming up. If you track your dreams you will find patterns and you will be able to take advantage of knowing what your subconscious is thinking when your conscious mind isn’t.


Checklists are a great way to keep track of all the tasks that you need to do. You don’t need to complete all the tasks on a checklist everyday. That being said you can use a different version of a checklist known as a priority list. This list is ordered from most important to least important. You can only do tasks in order there’s no skipping. This is a good way to keep productive. Make sure you are always working on the most important task.

Affirmation Journal

Positive thinking will change the worldUsing a journal to write positive affirmations is a great way to start and end your day. If you write down your affirmations everyday you will feel the difference instantly. Your days will feel more satisfying and you will be more productive. If you don’t know what an affirmation is check out this post.

Success Journal

A success journal will combine many aspects of the journals mentioned before. To use a success journal you are going to want to make goals, plans, checklists, affirmations and then take action. The reason for using a success journal is to get your ideas out of your head and then follow through. You want to use a success journal to give you a reason to take action. Make sure every time you use a success journal you feel inspired to do more.

Goal Setting Journal

A goal setting journal is a place for you to write down your goals. Start with the biggest goals you can think of and then break them down. You want to make goals that are hard to achieve but not impossible. The best way to do that is starting big and then taking actionable steps. If you want to be a millionaire you probably can’t go out tomorrow and make a million dollars. What you can do is go out tomorrow a make ten, fifty, or even one-hundred dollars to put towards you goal. If you don’t think making small amounts will make a difference go out and read a book about starting a business in something you are skilled at or maybe even learn to invest. A goal journal is there to help you find the next actionable step.

Build a Habit Out of Journaling

Running can be your keystone habitNow that we’ve mentioned a next actionable step, let’s talk about building the habit. Journaling everyday is not something that most people will be happy to jump into and do everyday. To make it easier you should build a habit. Habits are those things that you do without thinking about. How great would it be if you could journal on autopilot and get the same effect?

Creating a habit can be difficult but it is not impossible. Every time you repeat something you are training yourself to have a new habit. It takes time but eventually you can do things without thinking about it. Here are a few tips to creating your new habit of journaling daily.

1) When Will I Write My Journal?

Ask yourself when you have time to write out a journal. If you can’t think of a time to do it within your current schedule you are going to have to make changes. The best times of the day to journal are usually right when you wake up and right before you go to bed. Those are the times when you have the most new ideas or are most rested.

2) Schedule Out Writing Time 

Create a schedule for writing in your journal. By now you should know what time works best for you. Now mark it on your calendar or set a reminder on your phone telling you to journal. Make sure this is a repeating reminder. Until you can journal daily without a reminder this should always be active.

3) Accountability 

Hold yourself accountable, you are the only person that can control your life. If you want to create this habit you are going to need to be consistent. If it comes down to it take away something you enjoy every time you mess up with your new habit. You are trying to benefit your life so keep yourself accountable.

4) Reward Yourself

You managed to keep going with your new habit and stay accountable. That means you get to reward yourself for a job well done. This reward is for you so have some fun with it. Maybe you go out for a nice dinner, go out to a movie, or buying something you’ve had your eye on. Whatever it is make sure you feel like it’s a good reward for creating a habit that will improve your life.

Continue to Journal Even When it’s Tough

Journaling can be a hard thing to get started. It can even seem like an impossible task if you don’t like to write. Once you get started though you will realize the benefits almost immediately. Don’t give up on writing once you get started. Later in life you will be able to look back at all the progress you’ve made. Not only that but if you decide to write an autobiography or something writes a biography about you they will have all the information needed. You might think this is outlandish but remember you are journaling to become more successful. If you reach your goals someone will want to write about you. Never sell yourself short, especially when it comes to improving your life.

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Why You Need an E-Reader Today!


E-Readers Are The Future

Reading is something that everyone should do everyday. There is so much you can get out of reading. The problem is we are consumed by technology that takes us away from reading. If you ask anyone successful reading is part of the key to their success.They might even say they read every day. Getting an E-Reader can change the way you look at reading. They are definitely one piece of technology that will bring reading back into your life. At this point you’ve probably heard E-Readers like the Nook or Kindle. If you’ve ever wondered why you should buy one keep reading!

What Makes E-Readers Great? 

Reading is something that can be challenging to do in modern times. We are always on the go and trying to make the most of our days. Regular books just don’t have the kind of features that make them fit into our modern lives. Not that regular books have any real flaws, I have a library growing and I love it! E-Readers definitely have an advantage here just look at these benefits.


The Nook and the Kindle both have apps that allow you to have access to your books anytime. You can install these apps on phones, tablets, and computers. You may have bought the book specifically for your E-Reader but it’s not stuck there. If you are on the go you can read from your phone!


One of the biggest challenges with reading a regular book is getting the right lighting. With most E-Readers (the cheaper ones skip over this perk) you having settings for the backlight. That means no more carrying around a light or struggling to find a place to sit with the right lighting. You could read in a dark closet if you wanted to! There is no limit to where you can read when you have a built in light.

Multiple Books 

This isn’t for everyone but I enjoy reading 2 or more books at a time. If you like to switch it up after a chapter or 2 then an E-Reader is a great choice for you. It’s easy to switch between books and you don’t have to carry them around. Even switching devices (hey look at the apps coming in handy) you still have access to the last page you read. If you have a hard time focusing on 1 book for a long period of time, this benefit is for you!


Technology is an amazing thing. At one point in time if you wanted to have access to 100 books you’d have to go to a library. If you wanted to move those books, good luck. Now we have the ability to carry 100 books easily in 1 hand. If you’ve ever lugged around a 1,000 page book you’ll understand how nice it is to not carry around 1,000 pages. You can easily slip an E-Reader into a pocket, purse, or backpack. It will barely make any difference.

Library ServicesLibrary Services

Depending on the E-Reader you choose you may have access to library like services. You can avoid buying every book and start checking them out. With these services you can even look back at your history and easily recheck out books. If you already love the library you’ll love not having to commute or wait for a book to be returned by someone else. E-Libraries will change the future of reading!

Types of E-Readers

After reading through all those perks you may be wondering “What’s the best E-Reader?” and the answer is it depends. Every E-Reader is going to have its own services, operating systems, and features that may vary. What I can do is give you a list of the 3 most common E-Readers brands on the market.

You can’t go wrong with any of these brands. Pick one that has the features you think suit you best. After you’ve picked one enjoy it and don’t look back!

Enjoy a New Experience

Nothing beats sitting down with a good book. Now you have even more options to dive into reading. If you aren’t already reading everyday, use this as an opportunity to create a great and long lasting habit! Remember reading is a keystone habit and can foster other great habits. Speaking of great habits, this is one to share with the people you care about. Don’t let them living a life without reading!

Now that you see how great E-Readers are, it’s time to do some research. If you’ve taken anything from this post it should be that there are a ton of options out there and it’s up to you to decide what’s best. I want you to take the time to research 3 models of E-Reader. You don’t have to buy one (even if you should!) but take the time to compare 3. Once you’ve picked your favorite make a plan to buy one. Tell the same family member or friend from before that they are holding you accountable for your plan. Don’t let something small hold you back from reading more often!