5 Life Changing Books You Don’t Want to Miss


Life Changing Books Create More Success

Life changing books are hard to come by, you might not have even found one yet. One of the only ways to actually find one is to constantly be reading. We know that reading can be tough so we decided to pick 5 of our favorite books on success to share with you!

Our goal was to pick 5 books that we thought had a life changing message. Everyone wants to live a happier, more fulfilling, and successful life. The ideas in these books can create the foundation for your success. We took the big ideas from these books and brought them together in an easy to read format. We hope you are inspired to read these books!

This first book is the book that inspired many people to change their lives. Without a doubt this should be required reading for anyone that wants to achieve more in life. If it was possible every student should have to read this book at least once. It is not only inspirational but it helps open up your mind to new ideas.

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! By Robert Kiyosaki 

Rich Dad Poor Dad is by far one of the best books on success and motivation. It’s a story about Robert Kiyosaki growing up with influence from his real dad (poor dad) and his best friends dad (rich dad). His poor dad focused on security and education while his rich dad focused on success and entrepreneurship.

Financial Freedom Creates Real Freedom

The main idea of this book is to become financially free. The only people that truly enjoy life are the ones that don’t have to worry about bills or where they will be fed. Robert Kiyosaki brings the idea of real estate investing to the average person. This is where many real estate investors first realize it is possible to do.

Mentors Make a Difference

Mentors and surrounding yourself with people that will help you improve your life is another key factor in making this one of the best success books of all time. The people you surround yourself with will either bring you up to their level or pull you down. Picking the most positively influential people is a must.

If you take anything from this book it should be, the average person can succeed, build good relationships, and find a way to invest in your future.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is an amazing book created by Napoleon Hill. He was one of the first people to get involved with motivation speaking, personal development, and success coaching. This book brings what he learned from years of first hand experience in becoming successful. He spent years researching to be one of the best in his field. It shows because this book is still one of the top 10 best selling personal development books of all time.

Your Ability to Succeed is Directly Related to What You Believe You Can Achieve

The idea that you can achieve anything you believe you can do is what this book is about. It teaches you how to move passed small thinking and focus on viewing the big picture. One of the big parts of this is never stop learning. When you stop learning you lose a way to have new ideas brought to you. It’s also important to surround yourself with good people that want to achieve more (see a trend here?). Remember you are the only person that can make a difference in you life. Use your own abilities to create a wonderful life for yourself.

Start with Why by Simon SinekStart with Why

This business success book was originally written to help business leaders and entrepreneurs achieve more. That may be the original purpose but anyone can read this book and find inspiration. Simon Sinek took a spin on how people should view why they are doing something. Normally people look at things from the outside in but Simon wanted people to ask why and start from the inside out.

Why is Your Purpose

You may be wondering what “why is your purpose” means. To put it in the most simple form, why is your purpose because you need to know why you are doing something. Your why should be the thing that pushes you to your limits. For some their why will be their family for others it may be friends, relationships, money, or knowledge. Whatever your why is you need to be emotional about it.

Your why should be something that you are willing to share with anyone. You need to be confident in your why and if you are too scared to share it then it’s not the right why. Your why needs to be built into a how. In business this would be how the company does something. It is the same for you, you are using your why to create a how. Next you’ll be building our why and how into a what. A what is just what you are doing. You can’t have a why or a how without a what.

Use your why to expand yourself as a person. After you have your why make sure everything you do is for your why.

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone The 10x Rule

Grant Cardone has created one of the best motivational books of all time. He grew up as an average kid for the most part. His father passed away when he was young so he didn’t have a father figure growing up. His mother did the best he could for the family but by most standards it still wasn’t enough. When he grew up he became a drug addict and alcoholic. Being in sales and making average money caused him to re-evaluate his life eventually becoming one of the best salesman, motivational speakers, and success coaches in the world.

Big Goals and Big Action Create Big Success

The main purpose of this book is to motivate people to do more. If you dig deeper it focuses on how to make big goals and take big action. Grant Cardone doesn’t want people to be average and he believes that everyone can achieve more.

One way to achieve more is by taking responsibility for your actions. Everything that happens to you is because of a choice you made this includes the excuses that you make. You need to take control of your life and focus on the things that will let you achieve more. Success should be your moral obligation. If you aren’t achieve then you need to put more time and effort in because being average is failing. Be more than average and you’ll never fail.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. ClasonThe Richest Man in Babylon

George Clason followed the story of average men in Babylon. He shows the struggles that you live through if you only strive to be average. One man learns that it is what you do that makes you successful and begins to find mentors and learn how to become successful. Each day is a chance to become more than you were the day before.

Small Steps Will Eventually Lead to Success

The richest man in Babylon got there by creating wealth over time. This book teaches the basics of investing and saving money. A simple personal finance trick that is taught is saving 10% of your income. It sounds like a lot but it can go unnoticed if taken out automatically. This 10% of your income can be used to invest.

Invest Your Savings

As you save up your 10% each month you will eventually have enough to invest. Don’t invest in something that you don’t understand, it’s too easy to lose money. Always pick something that you understand and you can repeatedly invest in. Over time your profits should be reinvested to take advantage of compounding interest. With enough time compounding interest will make you rich beyond what you can imagine making on your own.

If you take anything away from this book it should be that persistence and faith are life changing. Never back away from something because you can’t picture how the future will be. Keep trying to reach your dreams.

Reading Your Way to Success

Reading is one of the most important things you can do to achieve success. This list of books will give you at least 5 different perspectives that you can use to achieve more success in your life. The 5 authors can be mentors to you. They may not be able to speak with you in person but they can teach you through writing. Each book they write is a new opportunity to teach you lessons but you have to be open to learning. Taking the time to read gives you an opportunity to look at the way another person thinks. This gives you a chance to learn a new perspective and expand your mind. The books that change your perspective on life are some of the best uses of your time.

It can be hard to find good books to read. If you know anyone that is struggling to get started or find the next thing to read let them know about this list. Sharing this post on social media may just be the kick start someone needs to turn their life around. If you want to join our community of success driven individuals please subscribe to our newsletter or like us on social media. Thanks for taking the time to read about reading!

5 Reasons You Aren’t Successful


Why You Aren’t Successful Yet?

At some point in time most of us have asked ourselves “Why am I not successful already?” Well, it’s an easy question to answer; simply because if it was we’d all be driving around in exotic cars, taking 3 month vacations to foreign countries, or exploring the open oceans on our million dollar yachts.

While this all may be; the real question you should be asking is “Have I been making the choices that will make me succeed in the future?” Being as none of us can foresee the future, the best thing to do is look at the options. What you can look at are if YOUR choices align with the choices of people that have already achieved success. Hence leading to our “5 common mistakes people are making that are preventing them from being successful.” The good news is that once you understand these mistakes, it is unbelievable how easy it is to change your mindset, and start making the same decisions many millionaires make every day!

The 5 Things Holding You Back

1) Not Setting Goals

Goal setting is something that everyone should do but most people don’t. When was the last time you wrote down your goals? I’m guessing it wasn’t recently and if it was they were probably small goals or a to do list. Goal setting is really about setting up big goals that challenge you. It’s about turning your dreams into something that is achievable.

If you are setting goals you are creating a roadmap to success. This road map will let you create big goals and big models that will push you to achieve things you couldn’t do before. Don’t go along with the crowd and ignore goal setting. Not setting goals is one of the big drivers in why you aren’t successful already.

2) Paying Yourself Last

Have you ever noticed that when you get a paycheck immediately everyone is asking for a part of it? You end up paying for taxes, food, housing, entertainment, and transportation. If there is anything left over at the end of the month you use that as you investment money if you are lucky. Most people have more month than money and that’s never a good thing. This is known as paying yourself last.

What you want to do is pay yourself first. Start off with a small percent (1-3%) and increase this until you are up to at least 10%. This is money you pay yourself first. It may be tough at first but over time you will adjust. This payment towards yourself should go into an investment that over time will pay you. It can be anything from school to real estate to stocks or even commodities. If you don’t know anything about investing find a professional that can help or if you’re more hands on you can learn yourself. Just remember that if you aren’t paying yourself no one else will. Don’t let others decide where your money is going.

3) Your Network Needs ImprovementThe Law of Averages

Have you ever noticed that successful people hang out together? That’s not a coincidence. The successful people in society have learned that the people they associate with make a huge impact on their lives. This can be seen on the opposite end of the spectrum as well, unsuccessful people tend to spend most of their time with people that are also unsuccessful.

Take a look at the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Are these 5 people striving for greatness or have they accepted mediocrity? If they aren’t striving for greatness they are holding you back. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t talk with them. What this means is it is time to work on your network. The best way to do this is to find the type of person you want to be like and start spending time with them. One of the big goals you should be creating is finding a mentor that has already done the things you want to do. They can share advice and guide you on your way to success. If you don’t know where to find them look for clubs related to your interests. Don’t forget that you are the sum of the people you spend the most time with!

4) Lack of Education

Education is something that scares a lot of people. If someone randomly told me my lack of education was holding me back my first thought would probably be “but education is expensive”. That may be true in some cases but you don’t need formal education to create a better life for yourself.

One of the best ways to educate yourself is through reading. Books and eBooks are also a great way to get mentorship that I had mentioned before. You don’t need to meet someone to learn from them. If you read a book it gives you the opportunity to expand your mind by looking into the thoughts of someone who has experienced more. That seems like a great way to learn. You don’t even have to read now that audiobooks are easily accessible.

Another great way to learn is through online courses or certification programs. Some of the programs can cost money but others are free. Depending on what you are interested in you can Google courses and certifications and find what you are looking for.

To become successful you need to create a skill set that causes you to stand out from the crowd. These skills can be learned in many different ways. All you have to do is spend the time to educate yourself when others are wasting time.

5) Wasting Time

It's time to get motivatedWasting time is one of the biggest things holding people back. Have you ever tracked how much time you spend on social media or watching TV per day? It’s definitely something you should track because the average time on social media is up to 2 hours per day and TV is up to 5 hours. Can you imagine what you could do if you had an extra 2-7 hours per day to spend on achieving your dreams?

Instead of wasting your time, schedule out your day with time blocks. A time block is a 15+ minute time period that you set aside specifically for a task. I personally use 1 hour a day for reading. That time block is the same every day and has become a habit. Habits make things easier. Use these time blocks to create your goals/plans, expand your network, educate yourself, and learn to invest. Once you’re using your time properly you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish!

It’s Time to Become Successful

Success is not something that comes over night. It takes time to create habits and change your mindset. One of the best ways to go about becoming successful is to share your ideas. When you share your ideas you find people that are like you. Finding people like yourself allows you to build your network. You can even have people join in on your pursuit of excellence. These people will become your accountability partners. Teach them about how important it is to set goals. Show them how paying yourself first has allowed you to create extra income. Educate people on the topics that you’ve educated yourself on. Don’t forget to show them how much you have accomplished when you became accountable for your time. There is no limit to what you can do!

If you think you are ready to start making a difference your life and others share these concepts with your friends. Some of them may not like that you are trying to better your life but that’s ok. Find the people that want you to succeed and invite them on your journey. It’s time for you to create your own success and stop making excuses!