(Video) Success Is Achieved Through Being Vulnerable

Vulnerability Isn’t Weakness It’s Human Nature

It has been drilled into us that vulnerability is a bad thing and that we should avoid it. We live in a society where it is expected of us to be strong and without weakness. We ignore our vulnerability and are ashamed of what we can’t do.

The idea that vulnerability is weakness is holding us back. Our vulnerabilities make us human. We learn more about who we are when we sit down and consider what makes us vulnerable and why. It is completely natural to feel vulnerable, when you use it to your advantage it allows you to achieve more. Use that vulnerability as motivation to be the best you that you can be. Don’t be ashamed of who you are, embrace it.

Brené Brown The Power Of Vulnerability – TedTalks

In this video by TED.com Brené Brown talks about what she discovered in her research about shame, vulnerability and the power that they can create. The research she has done into vulnerability has helped many people realize that vulnerability is a part of life that you can’t control. There are people in the world that have realized this and took advantage of what they believe they are vulnerable to. Understanding yourself allows you to share who you are with other people. When you can share yourself with others you make connections that will change your life.

The moment that you realize that life doesn’t have to be black and white you take your first step towards living a more successful and fulfilled life. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable you will open yourself up to being more creative, more loved and more joyous. Take advantage of who you are and what makes you feel vulnerability

Take Advantage Of Being Vulnerable

Your vulnerabilities are part of who you are start taking advantage of what makes you uncomfortable. Embracing them gives you a chance to understand yourself better. You can take advantage of your vulnerabilities by having the courage to fight passed how they make you feel. When you control the way you feel you are able to see clearly and move towards your goals faster.

Controlling your vulnerabilities allows you to take change your life in the most positive ways. Take some time and find out what really scares you, what you’re ashamed of and what makes you feel vulnerable. Knowing is half the battle. Once you have an idea of what makes you feel vulnerable use those feelings to grow who you are into who you want to be. Sometimes the things that scare you the most are the things that will push you the hardest. Always push yourself to achieve what you think you deserve. Life is about achieving creating what’s best for you, do what you need to do to achieve your dreams.

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Fear as Motivation for Success

Fear, The Great Motivator

Fear as motivation isn’t something you hear about often. Sometimes you will hear people say to face your fears. Most of the time people just try to avoid being scared. This is a problem because when you are pushing yourself you are going to be scared. This is completely normal. You shouldn’t hold yourself back because of an idea. Take action and use fear as motivation!

Why Fear is a Great Motivator 

Using fear to motivate yourself makes sense because it is a natural response to danger. At one point in human history we used fear as a way to keep ourselves from being injured or potentially killed. That’s not the same as modern times. Most of the things people are fearful of won’t actually cause any problems. If you look at the most common phobias (heights, spiders, and snakes), most of them won’t actually hurt you. Yes in very specific circumstances they can but it is unlikely. So when you are thinking of fears you should think of them as a way to push yourself to new limits.heights

Fear is Something That Can Either Push You or Hold You Back

When you are fearful of something you have 2 choices. You can embrace the fear and push forward or you can continue to be scared and hold yourself back. It is a mental game and I know which side I’m going to choose, what about you? Pushing yourself with fear will give you a chance to grow as a person. You’ll have the opportunity have new experiences that will create new ideas. Going outside of your comfort zone is the only way you will ever achieve more than average. Don’t let yourself fall prisoner to an average lifestyle!

Look at The Success of Others

Success comes to those who are willing to push the limits of what they believe is possible. The most successful people in the world have been fearful of something. Look at what they have achieved and know that it is possible for you to do the same. One of the best ways to learn about the fears and success of other is reading biographies. A biography is like a mini mentor that will help push you to the next level. Many people back down from fear before they should because they don’t want to fail. You must push through that fear just like all of the successful people before you!

Fear of Failure

People are scared of failure because we are taught from a young age that failure is bad. The problem with that is failure is one of the best ways to learn. If you look at babies they learn how to walk by failing. The stand up and then fall until they eventually learn to balance and quit falling. Over time learning from failure gives you a chance to turn failure into success. Failure gives you a chance to develop skills that would have been missed if you immediately become successful (not that this is bad but it’s uncommon. If you can push past the fear of failure you expand your comfort zone. Once you realize your comfort zone is larger than you originally thought you have already taken the first step towards success.

Fear of Success 

Success is a weird thing. Depending on who you ask you will get a different definition. What matters most is that you define your own success. This is where people get scared of success. It is hard to be successful when you compare yourself to others. The success someone else has may scare you and make you think you can’t achieve more. This is untrue. Don’t let peer pressure and the belief that the success someone else achieved is the only right way.Success for everyone

Success is what you make it. Your success may be having more friends or earning more money or maybe spending more time with your family. No matter what you choose, push yourself as hard as possible to achieve your goals. The scariest part of success is that you don’t know what it feels like until you have achieved it. The fear of success is really just the fear of failing to achieve your goals. Don’t let fear decide how successful you can be!

Success Comes to Those Willing to Face Their Fears

No matter what you do the next step will always cause you to be fearful of something. Don’t let this fear hold you back. You are living your life for you and you can push yourself to do anything you set your mind to. You’re the only limiting factor in your life. If you struggle with pushing yourself, you may want to find a friend or family member that will be your accountability partner. Someone that is there to push you when you’re scared to push yourself. It’s time to face your fears!

To help you get started on facing your fears we want to you find 1 thing that you are scared of and write it down. Next you should make a list of 5 reasons why you are scared. Then you will want to write down at least 5 reasons why facing your fears will make your life better. Share this list with your partner and let them work through why facing your fears will benefit your life with you. Your partner should ask “What’s the worst that can happen?” this question will open you up to the fact that most of the worst case scenarios aren’t that bad.  Last you will want to get out there and use your fear as motivation!

If you have any trouble finding an accountability partner feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help someone achieve more!